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Hello everyone, welcome to jancourt.com/. We are the ultimate Knicks fan page. I have been a┬álifelong NY Knicks fan. I’ve been following the Knicks since they won their last championship (1973). Needless to say, there have been many ups and downs as a Knick fan. As the James Taylor song goes, “I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain, I’ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end” Boy, did they end.

There have been many ups (The Patrick Ewing era), and many downs as well (The Isiah Thomas years…arghhh!!!!). Through it all, we have endured, and never wavered in our allegiance to this iconic franchise. We started attending Knick games together as teenagers, back in the 80’s when Bernard King was lighting up the Garden.

I’ve witnessed the luck of the lottery when Patrick Ewing was gifted to us by the basketball Gods. I’ve also witnessed the curse of the lottery by selecting Kenny “Sky” Walker with the 5th overall pick in 1986. The one thing that we have always appreciated and respected, was the NY Knicks fan.

Unless you’re a Knick fan it’s hard to really understand what this means. If you listen to a Knick fan speak, you would think we are in contention every year. That is the eternal optimism that binds every Knick fan. We are kindred spirits, drawn to the lure of an eventual championship. Jan and I root every year for that elusive championship. We hope to celebrate that together with the greatest fans in the history of sports, “NY Knicks fans”.

Give The fan a voice.

I have always been curious as to why the major sports networks, newspapers, magazines and websites, cover teams so generically. I really want to deliver information from the fans perspective. After all, the fans are what make every major sport relevant. The things that matter to fans are never really discussed. Their point of view is often greeted with responses like, “what does he/she know, he has never played the game”, “he/she has never coached”, blah, blah blah… I believe the average fan may know things that players or coaches don’t see. I want to give that average fan a voice, and you better believe, the average NY Knick fan has a voice that needs to be heard. So, let your voices be heard. Knick nation, Stand up!

All things Knicks.

We want to provide the latest New York Knicks updates about the players and the coach. We will provide insight about the Knicks as the season progresses. This will not be the average fanboy site. We will praise them when its warranted, and deliver that proverbial kick in the rear when needed. We will go from training camp to the regular season, and if all goes well the playoffs. We will feature player profiles, break down games, and have an active discussion about the progress or the lack of progress of our beloved NY Knicks.

All the best, from the ultimate Knick Fan Page.

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. The major networks seem to sometimes have an ulterior motive when reporting on a sporting event. The more diversified the audience’s perspectives of the organization is, the better the feedback received will be. This is especially important when all share the same end goal-WIN!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lucas. These big media outlets all seem to cover things the same way. They are all aimed at the players and teams that garner the biggest market share.

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