Kanter trying to woo BFF Durant to join the Knicks.

During the slow months of the NBA offseason, I guess the players have to find something to occupy their time. My guy Enes Kanter settles for being an NBA GM. His recruitment efforts are becoming legendary. His latest pitch is to none other than Kevin Durant. Kanter is pitching the city and his friendship to sway KD into choosing Gotham as his basketball home in 2019. During a Sirus XM Radio interview, Kanter said “We are New York. He’s a free agent, We need to use that. We are the best city in the world. That could draw a lot of attention for free agents. I would love for him to be my teammate again. When he was my teammate, he was an amazing teammate, amazing character, scorer and basketball player on court and off the court, too. I would love to see him be my teammate again

I don’t know KD and Kanter were BFF’s. Kanter also commented “as soon as I learned he’s becoming a free agent, he’s my best friend. I can’t say enough of the guy. He’s the best scorer to ever play the game. Who wouldn’t want KD to wear a New York uniform?” I wonder if KD knows they’re BFF’s.

I love Kanter’s efforts to woo the big dogs to wear the orange and blue. Who can forget his pitch to King James himself to come and play for the Knicks.”He keep debating about who is the king of New York. … “Hey LeBron, yes, you really want to be king of New York? Come and prove it. I’ll see you July 1st, brother. Good luck,” Let’s hope he has better luck with his BFF than he did with King James.


The truth is the Knicks would have to show KD they are really serious about taking this team to the next level. That is all predicated on how they compete this year, and the prized #1 draft pick they have for 2019. The return of Kristaps Porzingis to his former All-Star form, coupled with the development of Kevin Knox, and the # 1 draft pick will go a long way in convincing the top free agents to make Madison Square Garden their address.


  1. I liked the article and your website because I am a Knicks fan. I don’t think Kevin Durant would play for the knicks because they are a bad team that is rebuilding and they would have to free up a lot of cap space to sign him and KP to max contracts. Also KP is not healthy and might not play this season.

    1. Hi Roger, thanks for stopping by. From one Knick fan to another, “it’s gonna be a long season”. It will be worth it down the road though. We’ve sacrificed past seasons for far less. I agree that Durant is a pipe dream, but if there’s any way to get him, the Knicks have to explore that opportunity. I think KP should be shut down for the entire season. What is the point of playing him this year? He should focus on getting back to 100% healthy.


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