2018 New York Knicks News: Patience Is A Virtue.

Patience is a virtue the Knicks have never been accused of having, or exercising. They have always been known as the quick fix Knicks. This offseason kind of forced them to take the patient approach instead of displaying their all too familiar “shiny thing” syndrome (going after the perceived next best thing). Thank God for the lack of cap space, I shudder to think if they had cap space, that they would have backed up the Brinks truck for the likes of an aging Rondo, or an injured Boogie Cousins, or even as great as he is, an aging and brittle Chris Paul.

The Knicks are on the right path finally. They are saving themselves from themselves. They are building with youth through the draft, and hopefully, next year (2019), when free agency rolls around, they will have the cap space to become real players. This is the first time in recent memory that they actually had back to back 1st round draft choices. The last time that happened, was in 2008 (Danilo Gallinari), and 2009 (Jordan Hill).

It’s hard to build a competitive team when you’re starting at a lower tiered talent level than your competition. When your roster is comprised of 2nd rd picks and marginal free agents, you are destined to be . That is exactly what happened to the Knicks over the last 20 years. Couple that with wasting the 1st rounders they did retain on the likes of Michael Sweetney, Mardy Collins, Renaldo Balkman, and who can forget the human poster Frederic Weiss. You can see how they have failed to produce an NBA team New York fans deserve.

This is no doubt, going to be a long season. It’s going to be interesting to see all the Johnny come lately bandwagoners in the coming years. Believe me, the Knicks will be a legitimate title contender in the next 2 years. They will be a marketing bonanza for the NBA. They will be on national TV weekly, they will get people to actually watch NBA TV again. This train is moving in the right direction (finally).

It’s been a long wait, so I guess we can wait a little bit longer, but Knick fans are issuing a warning, to Coach Fizdale, President Steve Mills, and GM Scott Perry, “You better get this right”. We don’t want to feel like the wait is in vain. Don’t screw this up. Do not take our patience for granted.


  1. The Knicks have got a good history going to the playoffs .Not sure why they never went this route sooner .by way of the draft .My team the Toronto were horrible for the first 10 yrs but they went the draft got some diamonds in T-Mac and Vince Carter Then they were not able to resign players because of the currency and lack of cache that we now see with Drake and getting the All Star game in Toronto.Now getting Kawhi Leonard albeit having to give up All Star DeRosen .This team is on the rise with Boston in the East.My biggest concern is the Knicks like the Lakers are sleeping marquee destinations if they can get their draft picks and Coaching situation right.The Knicks will rule the East with Boston unless Raptors can pull a OKC and somehow keep Kawhi Leonard happy and locked him down in a long term deal .But Porzingas if he can get healthy also some help from perimeter and Fizdale are the keys going forward for the Knicks

  2. Thanks for stopping by Eric. Unfortunately, that playoff history is just that, history. The Raptors have always drafted well. Retaining the talent as you mentioned, due to $ has always and will continue to be an issue for them. The high taxes in Toronto are a huge factor in why these players leave. If healthy, Kawahi is a better option than Derozan, if they can sign him long term. Good luck to you and your Raptors this season.

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